Grilled Vegetables from the Oven of Mumbai Square

Many people do not meet their daily recommended amount of vegetables. However, eating more vegetables can seem very difficult. Because how in the world do you really prepare them? And do you have time for that after a busy working day, especially if you still have appointments in the evening?

The solution: turn on the oven. Grilled vegetables from the oven are perhaps the easiest side dish ever – and they are more versatile than you think. We will tell you today how you can let your oven do all the work, and how you can continue to vary endlessly with the result! Mumbai Square will sure assist you in this regards. We are from one of the best Indian restaurants in London UK. I’m sure you will like our way cooking and taste.

Grilled vegetables from the oven

The basic recipe for grilled vegetables is very simple. You cut the vegetables you want to use in cubes – this is an ideal way to get rid of leftovers. For softer vegetables, make the cubes slightly larger than with harder types. Mix everything well with a dash of olive oil and season with salt and pepper.

Put everything in a preheated oven (200 degrees) and leave it for half an hour until the vegetables are tender. Add some fresh herbs halfway; this way you prevent them from burning. And voilà, you can put the vegetables on the table without further processing!

Grilled vegetables?

Often it is useful to have a portion of grilled vegetables directly at hand. Fortunately, you can generally freeze them in general! Just keep in mind that the vegetables can become a little slacker if you defrost them again.

For really fast meals you can occasionally make huge amounts of vegetables from the oven. Then freeze them per portion and take them out when you need them. This makes it very easy to always get enough vegetables!

Couple of Tips to get ready your Grilled vegetables

  • Fritatta

Another tip to make up your leftovers: make a tasty fritatta. Mix the grilled vegetables with egg, and season with a lot of herbs. Pour into a deep (greased) frying pan and let it cook over low heat. Possibly you can serve fritatta with some cheese or a sauce.

  • Couscous salad

Couscous is the ideal basis for a quick lunch meal. Especially if you already have grilled vegetables, you are so ready. For example, use cubes of avocado, fresh cherry tomatoes and goat cheese as filling. Or just add chopped almonds and pieces of dried apricots for a sweet accent.