As part of an article exchange with Marco Vasco, we will talk about this transcontinental country of the American continent:  the USA

The United States is a destination popular with globetrotters for its remarkable landscapes, its nature reserves, its big cities like Miami, Los Angeles or New York etc. Without counting its coastline and its beautiful beaches.

This country of nearly 9,830,000 km² has all the tourist attractions imaginable that fascinate travelers.

However, before going on a trip, it is important for tourists to be well informed to avoid problems and spend a pleasant stay in the USA. Among the elements to take into account, there are the accommodations.

In general, this vast territory has hotels ranging from very upmarket to modest.

To save money, summer visitors are invited to sleep in the motels. This type of accommodation is cheaper than in hotels. Indeed, holidaymakers can rent a room for less than 50 € a night.

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Means of travel in the USA

While staying in the USA, globe-trotters can opt for several means of travel. The country of Uncle Sam has the entire necessary infrastructure to allow tourists to easily go from one place to another.

For a successful trip, holidaymakers are invited to fly, car and train.

Traveling by train in the USA

Although the price of a train ticket is equivalent to the value of a plane ticket, this type of transport has interesting advantages. First, it helps visitors to make friends. It is even more fun on the independence of the USA 2018 as the people on that are even more patriotic and keep singing and dancing throughout the journey that keeps entertaining on the way to your place.

In fact, natives who travel by train love to talk and tell their life to strangers. Second, the train is ideal to admire various landscapes. In addition, it gives backpackers the opportunity to afford a luxury tour, because the trains are comfortable and the employees are caring for the passengers.

For information, if travelers want to visit one of the big cities of the USA, like Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia etc. It is highly recommended for them to travel by bike or on foot, even in Uber. In addition to reducing expenses, they are convenient to avoid the problems of public transport.

Traveling by plane and car to the USA

The fastest way to travel across the US is to fly. You can go from one city to another in no time. For those wishing to wander in a state or even to make a road trip, the car is just right. The car allows you to take the time to discover the different states and blend in with the local life.

The price of petrol is cheaper than in Europe why not use it! You can rent a car in all US cities and airports.

Natural tourist sites to discover

During their stays in the USA, globe-trotters have the opportunity to explore a multitude of fascinating places. However, going to all these places requires a lot of time and resources. Because of this, it is advisable for adventurers to see only the unfishable sites.

Among these areas is Yellowstone National Park. This 8,983 km² biosphere reserve is the oldest protected area on the planet.

It is located in the northwest of the territory, near the town of Billings. It is famous for its geothermal phenomena and its remarkable fauna.

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The Grand Canyon is also a must in the country of Uncle Sam. This geological wonder 450 km long is the largest gorge in the world. It is located in northwestern Arizona. It is popular with visitors for its ecosystem, its panorama, and its historical remains. To book your visit to the Grand Canyon click here.

In addition, a circuit in the United States is an opportunity for travelers to see Monument Valley. This area is famous for its geomorphological formations.

Florida and its Everglades park

The state of Florida also hides a wonderful nature reserve in the Everglades Park. You’ll find alligators, birds and Florida wildlife and typical Florida. The park is open to the public all year round.

We recommend you wear good shoes, full screen, hats and mosquito repellent to visit the Everglades. Do not miss the airboat ride! This boat takes you to the Everglades marshes and gives you the chance to get close to its fauna and flora while being safe! Find more about America on

Do your ESTA before leaving

France is one of the countries compatible with the ESTA (Travel Authorization to the USA) and travel there does not require a visa. ESTA allows you to stay in the country for up to 90 days. This authorization is valid for a period of 2 years and allows travelers to move in the country as they see fit.