Things To Do With Friends In Summer in Dubai

Finding something to do in Dubai in summer can be a tricky task due to the typical temperature reaching up to 50 degrees Celsius and the long hours of sunlight.  So, head indoors this summer with your friends and try out some of these amazing indoor activities from

Find Out What An Urban Maze Is

What it is:  If you’ve never heard of an urban maze, well, we can’t really blame you, we hadn’t heard of one until this brilliant new activity in Dubai opened up.  If you’re a fan of escape rooms but think they rely a little bit too much on brains and not brawn, well, then the Urban Maze is the ideal thing for you.  It’s a puzzle experience that requires you to combine strength, determination and logic in order to navigate through this escape room-esque physical maze.  This brand new experience from Jumble gives three to six people the chance to work together, so it could be a great bonding experience for friends, family or even co-workers.

Where to go:  Head to Jumble in Al Barsha on Sheikh Zayed Road.

When to go:  It’s open every day from 10:00 AM until 10:00 PM.

How much it costs:  It’ll cost around 149 AED (£30) for a two-hour pass and then 199 AED (£40).

Glow In The Dark Mini Golf

What it is:  If you’re looking for something unique to add into the mix with a typical round of mini golf then look no further than Glowing Rooms at JBR.  This psychedelic experience combines all of the fun of mini golf with some pretty incredible and mind blowing visual effects thanks to the fact everything is highlighted with multi-coloured auras.

Where to go:  Glowing Rooms is at Unit P24 at Bahar Plaza Level in Jumeirah Beach Residences.

When to go:  It’s open daily from 2:00 PM until 11:30 PM.

How much it costs:  It’s got a price of around 110 AED (£22).

Scare Yourself Silly With This Escape Room                             

What it is:  Escape Rooms are an amazing way to spend your time, they let you work as a group to find the answers to logic puzzles, riddles and more but sometimes, you need the extra incentive to work hard for your release, which Is where the Ring Room comes into play.  This terrifying take on a regular escape room also brings about a ghostly presence via some very real actors.

Where to go:  No Way Out at HDS Business Centre in JLT.

When to go:  Sunday to Wednesday from 12:00 PM noon until 11:00 PM and then Thursday to Saturday from 11:00 AM until 1:00 AM.

How much it costs:  It costs around 125 AED (£25).